Welcome to ITB

Our company has existed for more than 30 years. It has already been handed over to the second generation. So we are a family business. Due to our different professional career paths, we cover a broad spectrum.

Final, we focus professionally on logistics. Each company needs storage space for production, shipping or storage. That is why we deal with used storage and conveyor technology, optimize processes in these areas and pledge us with patented inventions. We are looking for, or even advancing, specialist and managerial staff to support them, or further develop their potential. Over time, external conditions change, and even our customers help us. We help you to adapt your location to new events in the process of conversion, in the conception or dissolution or relocation of production and logistics locations. That's why you'll meet us in workwear, or in a suit. In each phase we are present.

We supply our customers all over Europe and also offer you our good international contacts to specialized companies for any assembly or service to implement your automation technology.

Today, the company is headquartered in England with offices in Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Private we are people like you. Nothing distinguishes us. All involved are middle-aged. Enough time to be able to contribute a lot to sustainable self-realization. The Middle Ages connects us very much, since we come from an old German family. For hundreds of years, we have been part of society. Tradition and philosophy of life are important to us. This is what we want to live.

To take responsibility for oneself - to be human, to behave humanly, to support people in their weaknesses and to promote strengths, to be together, always with the knowledge but only humans, not egoistically, in peace and love. In everything we do, we want to experience consistency and joy. At the end of the day is the everyday life, which takes a lot of time with everyone with a lot of energy expenditure. For us, the goal is to positively shape the future in the present with all participants. We want to be measured by our "being" and our actions both in our private life and in our profession.

The desire for daily co-operation - a decision has to be made on which one has agreed and the conscious concentration on it to create something together, the ups and downs to live, to orient themselves positively to the goal.

To learn and to change - everything begins and ends in ourselves. If we want to learn to discover something new, we increase our chances to find it, to create something creative, always to be on our guard against the past , Not to throb, to repeat the tried and tested, to free oneself for change.

Sustainability is our goal - there are many children in our family. They are our future and therefore we wish to be able to say and show them just for them, as well as for all the others who are able to meet and tell us: These are Westernhagen, we have a positive memory and with those we have done something.

Why do we tell you all this? You see, we basically want the same thing, so we do not differ. We want to work together actively - with "people", concentrated, with joy, understanding and much energy, in a natural and natural way in a colorful and diverse world.

So: What, when, where can we do with you.

Please use our offers and services and profit from our network.