Used material handling equipment

Storage technology is concerned with the storage and in-house transport of goods and thus provides part of the company logistics within the company and provides an interface between procurement, production, distribution and disposal.

Every company in all sectors operates a warehouse in all variants. A lawyer or doctor stores files on mandates or patients, tax records of every company in shelf shelves or even multi-storey shelf shelves, which one knows from the private areas in basement and garage.

As a rule, the storage depends on the storage container or storage product. For example, pallets (Euro-, Düsseldorf-, Industrie-, Kunststoff- or Einwegpaletten, etc.), as well as all forms of containers (metal boxes, plastic boxes, stacking containers, pans, IBC containers, etc.) to special racks For the storage of sheet metal, bars, pipes and coils. This is a wide range, which you can also find as used goods in us in a seperatembereich.

One component of the bearing technology is the bearing device, including various operating devices, e.g. Shelving systems as shelf shelves, pallet racks, drive-in shelves, through-feed shelves, feed racks and high shelves. There are, however, not only static shelving systems for storing goods, but also automated storage systems, such as storage paternoster. Fully automatic pallet rack systems in silo construction, shuttle systems for containers, rod bearings as cassette bearings or long goods storage. Another part is the type of storage: flat material storage, long material storage, regallose storage and automatic small parts storage.

In addition, the in-house transport, which is realized by the means of transport, is also part of warehouse technology. The conveyor systems include continuous conveyors such as roller conveyors and belt conveyors as well as discontinuous conveyors such as forklift trucks, platform trucks, automatic truck loading systems or driverless transport vehicles (FTF), which can be found in the field of used conveyor technology.

Environmental storage technology is another field of storage technology and represents a combination of occupational safety, environmental protection and storage of hazardous substances in the company and serves the environmentally safe and safe storage of hazardous substances in the company. The purpose of the facilities for environmental storage is therefore not only the efficient storage of goods and economic aspects, but also the applicable regulations on the storage of hazardous substances and regulations on occupational health and safety must be taken into account, while at the same time enabling an optimum operating sequence.

This area includes e.g. Etc. Depending on the substances or liquids to be stored and their hazardous substances classification, the materials used primarily for environmental bearing technology are stainless steel or plastics, which are used for environmental storage applications Are resistant to the respective substances. In our Service & Installation section, you will find everything you need to know about the UVV (accident prevention regulations) and work safety tests.

Warehousing equipment also includes counting, measuring and weighing devices, stapling or strapping machines, computer systems and identification systems.

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Type:AKL / Sorter
Producer racking:SSI Schäfer
Producer material handling technology / Controls:Viastore
Production date:2004
Volume:1840 containers


Type:SPLS 1200S
Production date:2006
Amount of cassettes:464 x
Cassette measurements:4200x320x160/265 mm
Load per cassette:1,2 ton
Disassembly:asap to mid 03/2017


Load per gondola:100 kg
Total load:1300 kg
Amount of gondolas:13 x
Height:2650 mm


Producer:Kardex Megamat
Production date:2005
Amount of gondolas:15 x
Load per gondola:100 kg
Total load:1500 kg


Producer (rack):Meta
Type:META Multipal S 2000
Producer (shuttle):YLOG iSC order picking system
Production date:2010



Machine type:901 II TD
Production date:2004
Condition:Used, grade: 2


Machine type:ET 88
Production date:2000
Condition:Used, grade: 1


Condition:Used, grade: 1


Machine type:VS
Production date:1986
Condition:Used, grade: 1


Amount:approx. 5700 m²
Production date:1992
Location:Hamburg area
Condition:Used, grade: 2


Machine type:unknown
Production date:unknown
Condition:Used, grade: 1